About Us[Questions 3]

Did you know that 'Gofer' is spelled 'Gopher'?

Yes, we get this all the time. The pocket gopher or more commonly known just as 'gopher' is a rodent that is famous for its tunneling capabilities and infamous for digging up gardens and destroying farms.

GoferHost was not named after this animal but rather for the term “go-fer” meaning someone that gets things done.

I need to get a hold of someone. What is your phone number?
GoferHost is a small hosting company with currently 12 dedicated full and part-time employees spread out over the United States. To save money, we do not have a centralized office and we handle all questions and support through our email and support ticketing system.

How long have you been in business?

Our hosting company existed in some capacity since 2004 under various different company names. Over the years we have morphed into what is now known as GoferHost and officially incorporated in 2015 under the name GoferHost, LLC.

If you think GoferHost is a ridiculous name, you should have seen the other names we used to be called. Some of our long-time customers know! 😊

Cloud Hosting[Questions 7]

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a common technique where multiple websites are hosted on the same server. This makes website hosting more economical and you don’t need to maintain a dedicated server yourself.

Isn’t hosting multiple websites on a single web server slow?

Web servers are powerful machines with a lot of memory and connected to high speed networks. They are very good at what they do.

Our hosting accounts dedicate a minimum amount of resources (CPU cores and memory) for each hosting account so you always have about the same level of performance.

Can I really host unlimited websites on a single hosting account?

It is true that our Business Hosting account allows for multiple websites to be hosted on this single account. So technically it is possible to host ‘unlimited’ websites from this single account. Just understand that there is a dedicated amount of resources available for each hosting account and those resources will be divided across all your websites on that hosting account.

What is Bandwidth and what is meant by Unmettered?

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic your hosting account serves to its visitors. At GoferHost, we don’t limit bandwidth as long as you follow our acceptable use policy. In summary, the acceptable use policy states that you can not use your hosting account to stream large media. Web servers are not meant for streaming and are not that good at doing it. If you want to stream video or audio, there are other services that can be embedded in your site to accomplish this.

If for some reason you find you need more bandwidth because your website is hitting our already very high limits, we can assist you in moving to a virtual dedicated server (VPS). If you have any questions about this, make sure you contact us.

Unlimited Disk Space?

Yes, our Personal Hosting plan limits you to 5 GB of space which is more than enough for a pretty large website. But our Business Hosting plan doesn’t restrict any size. As long as you follow our acceptable use policy, we do not restrict the size of your website. Our acceptable use policy simply states that you will not use your hosting account for file storage. All files on your hosting account should be intended to be served to visitors.

Can you help with my website?

Our responsibility is to provide you with a secure and fast hosting environment. We are available to help you with anything related to billing, hosting, DNS and other domain related and account related issues. Typically we don’t assist with website coding or website designing questions.

My website was hacked! Can you fix my site?

Websites, especially WordPress sites, are constantly being targeted by automated bots to look for vulnerabilities. It is your responsibility to keep your WordPress and any related plugins up-to-date. It is also important to make sure you don’t use simple passwords that can be guessed.

If your site does get hacked, we can assist by installing a backup and resetting passwords. Any other services you may need may incur a cost to you.

Domain Names[Questions 7]

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a human readable address that maps to an IP address (a computer readable address).

What is Domain Name registration?

When you register a domain name, you are essentially renting the right to use that name for the period of time you register it for. During that time, no one else is able to use that name.

What is domain privacy?

You may choose to purchase domain privacy as an optional add-on to protect your personal information. ICANN, the organization that controls the domain name system, requires all people that register a domain name to have their fill name, address, email and phone number publicly available. This can lead to a lot of spam mail and email and most people would not like their home address for the world to see.

GoferHost believes strongly that most people should purchase domain privacy. We used to automatically include it in our pricing. We found out that in some certain situations, not everyone wanted domain privacy so it is now an optional add-on.

My domain name has expired! How can I get it back?

By default, all domain names are set to automatically renew unless you turn that off. But sometimes things happen and your credit card expires or auto renew is off.

If your domain name has expired, it will no longer resolve to your website. If you made a mistake and still need your domain, there is a small amount of time you can get it back. This is called the redemption period. Contact us right away so we can let you know what your options are.

How can I transfer a domain name to GoferHost?

If your domain name is at another registrar or you purchased a domain name from another party it might make sense to transfer your domain to GoferHost. To do this, you will need to make sure the domain is unlocked and you will need a transfer code. This can be done at the registrar where the domain is currently registered.

After that, just transfer the domain to GoferHost by going here and purchasing the transfer. The cost of the transfer is 1 year of registration which will be added to the end of the current expiration date of the domain. You generally won’t lose any domain registration time. If the domain was registered for 5 years, the transfer will add 1 year to that when the domain is finished being transferred.

The time to transfer the domain could take up to 7 days but is generally faster. If you have any questions about this process or need help, contact us and we can assist.

How can I transfer a domain to another registrar?

Transferring a domain name to another registrar is also a simple process. From your GoferHost domain management page, make sure the domain is unlocked and you get your transfer authorization code. Give this code to the registrar or person that is starting the transfer process.

Should I register for multiple years?

When you register a domain name, you have the option to register for multiple years. The choice to do this is up to you. The advantage of registering for multiple years are:

  1. Lock in today’s price
  2. You won’t forget to renew
  3. Possible SEO advantages (not clear)
  4. Even when selling your domain, the registration time is not lost

Just be aware that you can’t get your money back if you no longer want the domain. So if you are uncertain if you will be using the domain name for a long time, it might be better to just register for 1 year.

Billing[Questions 3]

What payment methods do you allow?

Currently we accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. We are investigating accepting ApplePay and Google Pay and even Bitcoin. More on this later…

How can I change my credit card or payment method?

In your account, you can go to billing and update all the details of your payment methods.

How does the 30 day money back guarantee work?

If you are unhappy with your purchase within the first 30 days, we will refund 100% of all hosting account costs back to the original payment method. If you are unhappy after the first 30 days, we will credit the prorated unused amount to your GoferHost account for any future purchases.