Plans Comparison

Renews $7.99 /mo
Perfect beginner entry plan
for hosting a single website.
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Renews $13.99 /mo
More space to host
up to 3 websites
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Renews $19.97 /mo
Host unlimited websites with
the highest performance.
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Websites1 Website3 WebsitesUnlimited Websites
Disk Space5 GB SSD10 GB SSDUnlimited
Memory512 MB768 MB1 GB
CPU1 Core1 Core2 Cores
included Email
free SSL
Web ServerApacheLiteSpeedLiteSpeed
cPanel Access
hot LiteSpeed Cache
DatabasesMySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQLMySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQLMySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
PHP (Switchable)4.4, 5.x, 7.0, 7.1
7.2, 7.3 or 7.4
4.4, 5.x, 7.0, 7.1
7.2, 7.3 or 7.4
4.4, 5.x, 7.0, 7.1
7.2, 7.3 or 7.4
Softaculous Software Installer
CloudFlare CDN
free Automated Backups
Virus Scanning
Malware Scanning
free Website Migration
DDoS Protection
new SSH Access
99.9% Up-time Guarantee
Money-back Guarantee
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now
Amount of memory dedicated
to each cPanel account
Amount of dedicated CPU cores
to each cPanel account
Email included up to the space
of the hosting account
Automatic renewing SSL
included free
LiteSpeed is a drop in replacement
for Apache for handling many more
connections per second
The perfered operating system
for handling resources in a
cloud hosting environment
LiteSpeed cache is a server side cache
to make your WordPress sites faster than ever
Run any version of
PHP you want
Install over 60 different kinds
of web software, including WordPress,
simply and easily
Manage CloudFlare CDN
right from your cPanel
View and restore daily backups
with a single click right
inside your cPanel
We will migrate your site
from another host for you
for free
Advanced DDoS protection
helping to keep your site
running smoothly

Piece of Mind

Security and Performance

Here at GoferHost, security and performance is paramount. With hardware and software firewalls, automated malware scanners, and solid state hard drives, your website will be fast and secure by default.

Remote Off-Server Backups

Many web-hosting companies offer the ability to take backups, but most people don't do this until it's too late. At GoferHost, we take daily, weekly and monthly backups automatically and store the backups in a secure, off-site location. We do not charge for this service!

24/7/365 Monitoring

Your website is extremely imporant to you and your visitors. There is always someone at GoferHost monitoring the servers 24 hours a day to make sure everything is running smoothly and we take pride in our up-time guarantee.

Hosting Technical Specifications

SecurityPerformanceAccount Features
10 Gb/s Redundant Network Solid State DrivesPHP Up to 7.4
Reinforced DDoS Protection Expertly Tuned ServersMySQL 5.6
Dual Server Hardware Firewall HTTP/2 SPDYE-Mail Included
Redundant Power Up To 1 GB Memory Per cPanel UserFree SSL Certificate
Automated Off-site Backups 2 cores Per cPanel UsercPanel Control Panel
Virus/Malware Scanning AnyCast DNSMoney-Back Guarantee
24/7 Network Monitoring CloudLinux with LiteSpeed99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Frequently Asked Hosting Questions

Here are some Frequently asked questions relating specifically to our cloud hosting product. If you have and additional questions, make sure you contact us and let us know.

What is Cloud Hosting?
  • Cloud Hosting is an affordable method of hosting many websites on a single server. What makes our hosting better than most is that we guarantee 1GB of memory and 2 CPU cores to be virtually dedicated to each hosting account. This ensures a level of performance that is simulates that of a dedicated server at a significant reduction of cost.

    This doesn't mean that you are limited to these resources. Your website can peak beyond these limits if the server is not busy handling other requests. This is an essential model that assures but also limits the resources used by other websites that might cause other sites to have performance issues.

What is Unmetered Bandwidth?
What is the difference between the Hosting Plans?
How Does the Money-Back Guarantee Work?
Do You Offer Windows Hosting with ASP.NET