We love small businesses because we are a small business.


Secure websites start with a secure hosting provider and a secure network.


We bring the speed with a combination of incredible hardware and software.


World-class support is just a click away. Have a question or a comment? Let us know!

GoferHost is a small business originally founded in 2007 with a simple core business strategy. How can we serve other small businesses to be the best they can be? We are not the biggest, but we want to be the best!

750+ Domain Names Registered

550+ WebSites Hosted

220+ Customers

What we do



Fastest Cloud Hosting

We use the most modern processors and fastest Solid State drives combined with LiteSpeed — said to be 6-9x faster than the latest Apache web server — to deliver the fastest website cloud hosting around. Automatic virus and malware scanning, isolated accounts and backups keep your site safe.

Our Promise to You

Our promise to you is to deliver quality products that exceed expectations. We are not a “low-cost” website hosting company although many of our products are less expensive than our competition. We continually invest in our technology to bring better products and services.

We Care About Our Customers

We are a small business dedicated to helping our customers succeed in a highly competitive online world of business. We don’t have huge marketing budgets or aggressive commissioned based sales and support staff. We are different. We actually care about our customers.

Our Story

GoferHost was originally founded in 2007 by a small group of like-minded people, working for a well-known hosting company, decided there has got to be a better way to do business.

After spending 2 year solely focused on creating custom websites, GoferHost started to realized that much of their customer’s complaints came from the slow hosting providers they were using at that time.  So in 2009, GoferHost started developing the next generation hosting provider and in 2010, they started selling hosting.

Now GoferHost has evolved into mainly a website hosting company that doesn’t over-sell hosting accounts.  GoferHost is a small business and supports other small business to be they best they can be.

Join our small but growing list of customers and ask us what we can do for you?

Our 3 Main Pillars


We have heard this hundreds of time when a website gets hacked: “Why would anyone want to attack my website?” The truth is that there are automated bots that continually identify servers and websites and run hundreds of attacks on any website just to see what vulnerabilities are available.

GoferHost has intelligent hardware and software firewalls that automatically blocks malicious attacks and known threats from ever even making it inside our network. The ones that do make it through are monitored in real-time to make sure all requests are benevolent.


After Security, Performance is our passion. Making websites load faster is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as keeping your visitors engaged and not staring at a blank page.

GoferHost uses modern hardware with RAID 10 SSDs, as well as LiteSpeed (which is a light weight and high performant replacement for Apache Web Server). We also use a true Cloud environment that will shift available resources (CPU and Memory) to websites that need more power (when needed) without sacrificing total server performance.


We deliver a phenomenal hosting product but we are also passionate about customer support.  We care about your success and will do what we can to help where we can.  If you are happy with us, then you will be our customer for the long term and that is our goal.

Our managed hosting product allows you have have a fully managed website and never have to worry about software updates, patches, backups or even minor websites changes.  We handle that for you.

And for our other hosting packages, we still offer a higher level of support than any other website hosting company out there for the price.